Goals for course 3

Welcome back again! Our third and last EXE course is about to start. Please check the general outline of the course here.

As the course themes will be study and work, we will pay special attention to developing your learning skills. In America, Bloom’s taxonomy has been a widely used classification of learning objectives since the 1950s.

Photo by dkuropatwa on Flickr

This pyramid a revised version of the taxonomy from 2000. From the mere memorization of separate facts, students are expected to move higher and higher in the pyramid, to understand what they memorized, to apply the knowledge in new situations, even to create new knowledge.

This pyramid could also be applied to improving your writing in this course. Start thinking of ways how you could demonstrate deeper understanding in your writing, rather than just stating a list of facts. Aim at more analysis of your topic, avoid plain statements. Why not set your goals high, and try to create some totally novel ideas in your writing!


In course 3, each of you will do a more extensive project. It’s to do with the Finnish education system that has been the centre of the whole world’s attention in the last few year, thanks to the success of Finnish 15-year-olds in the international PISA student assessments. Thousands of educators from many different countries have visited schools in Finland to learn our secrets, and dozens of articles have been written about our schools in international press.

I have compiled an online “magazine” of links to many of these articles and videos, with the title FINNISH EDUCATION IN SPOTLIGHT. Your job is to gradually go through as many of the articles and videos as possible and collect material for your project. Here are some guidelines.

  • Make your own schedule and stick to it! Not too much at once!
  • Keep making notes of what you read and hear.
  • Collect a good vocabulary for yourself, with the special words you will need to write about our school system.
  • If you have problems with understanding something, don’t hesitate to ask! We will do some of the work in class so you will have the chance to ask your friends and me.
  • The more you read and listen, the easier it will be to understand, as the same ideas keep coming up!

Your final product will be a carefully written blog post to reflect YOUR VIEW regarding all the information you collected from the different material. Remember Bloom’s taxonomy above! Analyze, evaluate and create! Give your expert’s view, as a student in a Finnish school, to a global audience! Did you think the articles and videos gave an accurate picture of reality in Finnish school, or were there misunderstandings or misinterpretations? What do YOU think, is our school system really as good as it’s hailed to be? The world will be curious to read your views, so make yourselves good Finnish correspondents in this global conversation!

DEADLINE: Friday May 18, 2012 .